Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Another Take on Our Question

Is a "thriving economy" in itself a proper goal or should we be

demanding more? For example, if we have full employment but a
totalitarian state where jobs are assigned and free expression is
inhibited, the monetary economy could be great but most of us wouldn't
want to be part of it.

A thriving economy that pollutes our environment might seem to be
doing well in a short term glance but could be quite negative (even in
strictly monetary terms) long term.

Another example is that of mega-corps. Let's say we have ADM, food
supplier to the world. Their economic contribution is cheaper and
more plentiful food - very "thriving". But what if they screw up and
introduce a serious problem into the food chain - something that ends
up in a big mess of chain reactions that leave us with a lot of
starving people - again, the short term benefits looked good, but a
more enlightened view might have realized that we would have been
better off with small, inefficient and more expense individual farms.

I think I'd rather investigate what we need for a thriving society in

Tony Lawrence


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