Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Some Observations

I’d like to make some observations at this point in our conversation. First, for all of the complaints by Pro-choice advocates that women’s reproductive rights are under attack by powerful white men, we have yet to receive any posts from a man, although we now have some comments by one. Admittedly, our sampling is small, but in a conversation supposedly dominated by men, it ain’t so here. Second, no one has yet to argue either for the complete removal of abortion as an option, at least in cases where the mother-to-be’s life is in genuine danger or for complete, unfettered access to abortion for any reason whatsoever even though arguments on both sides could be extended to those extremes. Third, thus far, our conversations have remained respectful. Although not all have kept their use of language to the most emotionally neutral terms available, neither did my ground-rules require this. All of our contributors are to be congratulated and I hereby congratulate you all, and thank you for your posts and your comments. Finally, I am preparing for my contribution, which should be ready for posting later today.

Keep them coming, folks.


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